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NeuroRehabilitation & Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Lakeside Neurologic was founded in an effort to provide high quality, clinically relevant, and cost-effective brain injury rehabilitation and supported living services. Potential traumatic brain injury rehabilitation clients, family members, funders, referral sources, and other concerned parties are encouraged to tour our facilities in order to make informed placement decisions.

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A Interdisciplinary Approach to a Multitude of Diagnoses

Lakeside Neurologic Skilled Medical Rehabilitation Center(SMRC) has the expertise to provide aggressive interdisciplinary care with high intensity services to maximize rehabilitation potential with a goal of minimizing medical complications. Potential sub-acute rehabilitation clients, family members, funders, referral sources, and other concerned parties are encouraged to tour our facilities in order to make informed placement decisions.

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Why We Are The Best

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Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality care to survivors of brain injury by ensuring that they receive services from highly trained professionals in the field of medical and neurologic rehabilitation.   Our teams of professionals have been working hard to develop new and innovative rehabilitative programs to assist individuals in achieving their highest level of functioning while progressing throughout the continuum of care.  We will continue to raise the bar in the area of neurologic rehabilitation; endeavoring to promote awareness of the needs of brain injury survivors and their families, while educating professionals in the field of medical rehabilitation through education and training.  

Lakeside Neurologic has developed a comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation continuum of care offering specialized inpatient evaluation and treatment for both children and adults. Through a pre-admission evaluation and medical records review, Lakeside develops individualized treatment programs. 

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our Program has the expertise, resources, and experience required to accurately diagnose and treat the most complex manifestations of neurologic impairment and dual diagnoses.


Types, Causes and Prevention

Dedication to promoting public awareness of neurologic injury and the needs of survivors is paramount to our Mission Statement.


Testing and Treatment

Neuropsychological evaluation is often used to help in rehabilitation treatment planning and discharge planning. 


Educational Materials

Resources to aid individuals, families, caregivers, & professionals with gaining a more comprehensive understanding of neurologic injury & neurologic rehabilitation. 

Our Brain Injury
Rehabilitation Services include

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28 years of Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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