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Our expert staff is available to meet the needs of individuals with neurologic injury, family members, funders, and referral sources. We can be reached at:

By selecting on of these links you can:

By supplying this information, we are better able to pre-qualify an individual’s potential for admission and respond quickly to meet your needs.

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Such as:

  • Printed information on any of the programs in our brain injury continuum of care
  • Copies of our educational books – Understanding Brain Injury, Vol I & II
  • Copies of the our Coma Scale Cards which include both the Glasgow Coma Scale and the Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Scale

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Families are encouraged to tour our facilities in order to make the best choice for their loved one.

Referral sources can benefit by:

  • Familiarizing themselves with our rehabilitation services
  • Receiving Continuing Education Credits while touring

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Informational inservices provide professionals detailed information on the rehabilitation services offered by our brain injury continuum of care, focusing on the many benefits available.

Continuing Education inservices are available at no cost and are designed to educate professionals on multiple topics relating to brain injury as well as offering the benefit of receiving CEUs. Click here to see a list of topics.

>>Click here to schedule an inservice

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